Thought for the day: The news helps put our own lives in perspective


I was talking to someone the other day and they quite proudly proclaimed, “I never watch the news - it’s never anything good!”

Well, I do watch and read the news and in all its forms. National, international and local. One of the reasons I like to see what’s going on elsewhere is that if you know what is happening out there in the world it can help put your own lives at home into perspective

Let me give you an example or two

I once found myself complaining that there was no hot water for my shower as my visiting nephews and godsons had drained the tank completely. That day on the news were images of women carrying their dying children across a parched desert trying to escape a civil war.

I once complained that there was only one round of bread left when I went to make myself some toast. That day on the news were images of starving people and reports of failed crops.

I once complained that the price of petrol was getting beyond a joke then on the news I heard about how fishermen in the US are still struggling to come to terms with the oil spillage that ruined their livelihoods.

I regularly complain about the state of the roads and then I saw a report on the news from Japan showing how many roads have still to be replaced after the tsunami. And not only roads, but houses, schools, work places….

I could complain about a lot more I’m sure, but really what have I got to complain about?

My life in Mansfield may not always be perfect, because life rarely is perfect. But I should learn to be grateful for what I have and how lucky I am to live here and not in one of the many places I see everyday in the news.


Humanist Celebrant