Thought for the day: Charity begins at home, and my home is planet earth

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There are many reasons we give to charity and often it is because we are moved by the plight of those in need.

Being able to offer some small financial support to those suffering through the Ebola epidemic for example, was made possible through my purchase of the latest Band Aid single. I know that some people believe that charity should begin at home and will often use that phase to excuse not giving to a charity overseas.

I know of people who would not donate to the disaster relief this time last year after The Philippines were devastated by a cyclone. I heard comments like: “We shouldn’t support the Philippines, what have they ever done for us? Why not let Asia deal with an Asian problem?

There are children in this country who need the money more. Charity begins at home”!

With regard to the Ebola crisis reasons such as corrupt governments have been used to justify not donating and I think it only right that we allow each in his or her own way to donate when and how they wish.

Charity begins at home may be a good enough reason for people to donate to local charities so I accept it’s a good quote but the full quote is actually ‘Charity begins at home...but should not stop there’.

These are the words of Thomas Fuller a 17th century cleric and you know if I am quoting a vicar then it has to be for a good reason!

There are a myriad reasons and excuses we can make for not donating to charities which support other nations but if I have the resources then I only need one reason to donate to any charity - it’s the right thing to do.

Yes, charity begins at home, and my home is the planet earth.


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