This year's Sparkling Sherwood walk cancelled

This year's Sparkling Sherwood walk cancelled
This year's Sparkling Sherwood walk cancelled

Sparkling Sherwood, an annual walk through Sherwood's ancient oak trees at night will not be going ahead this year.

In a statement on the Sherwood Forest website, organisers said: "Following much discussion, our team at the forest have decided to pause Sparkling Sherwood for 2018.

"We all love the event, and understand how special and exciting it is to all of you who come along each year, however there are a number of factors that meant we couldn’t simply replicate the way we’ve always carried out Sparkling Sherwood.

"The route has changed due to the location of the new visitor centre which means completely rethinking the lighting.

"The lighting and equipment we have inherited from past events is coming to the end of its life, and so is no longer suitable for achieving the amazing effect we want to.

"We don’t yet have a fully accessible route to the Major Oak, and we felt that using these paths in the dark would be unsafe for our visitors. Throughout this winter we’ll be improving and replacing the signage and trails throughout the forest, including making a fully accessible route to Major Oak.

"Whilst many staff from the old site transferred to the new, we also took on a number of new members of staff, who need time to settle into their roles. Planning for an event like Sparkling Sherwood, especially when it will need to change so much, requires more time than we had this year.

The one-mile circular walk, which usually takes place mid December, will be going ahead in 2019.

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