Think about the stink

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I would just like to tell you about the unbearable smell on Saturday 15th March.

I am aware the farmers have to keep the wellbeing of their crops at the top of their list, but what about the rest of Mansfield?

I live off Abbott Road and needed to do a lot of washing. It was a beautiful day, so I thought I would get it all dry over the day. WRONG.

I opened my door to take my eldest son for his swimming lesson and was hit in the face by the most foul smell you could imagine.

I got in my car and had to open the door again because I thought I was going to be sick.

I don’t have a weak stomach as I have changed nappies and vomit from both children and poorly animals, but I could not bare this smell.

We had to hold our breath from the car back into the house, spray air freshener to mask the smell and keep all the doors and windows shut. What a waste of a great day and I had to dry my washing indoors.

Please, is there another way of keeping your crops healthy?

J Canning