Thieves now removing roofs to break into Mansfield sheds

Police are urging residents to ensure security measures are in place
Police are urging residents to ensure security measures are in place

Thieves are finding inventive new ways to break into sheds - by removing their roofs, police have said.

A spate of ‘unusual’ break-ins has prompted a warning from Mansfield’s leading officer, Inspector Nick Butler, to ensure residents are securing their property.

He says that because more people are now taking precautions to stop would-be burglars from breaking in through shed doors, thieves are finding an alternative way in.

Insp Butler said: “We’ve have some unusual break-ins in recent weeks, particularly in the Warsop and Mansfield areas.

“Because the doors are secure, they’ve taken to removing panels or even the roof to get in.

“To make it as difficult as possible, buy and fit a shed alarm .

“There are cheap ones out there that you can get that will alert you or your neighbours.

“If these are that persistent, then make sure they can’t get at what’s in the shed easily.

“Chain items to other heavier items like lawnmowers.

Among the incidents reported of shed or outhouse burglaries, items to have been taken include bicycles and fishing gear.

The addresses include a property on Mount Crescent in Warsop, Lime Crescent in Church Warsop, Ravensdale, Firbeck Avenue and Ladybrook Lane in Mansfield.

But Nottinghamshire Police says that thefts from sheds is on the increase across the county.

This could be down to the time of year, with more people now opening their sheds or outhouses to begin their gardening in preparation for the summer.

As well as installing alarms and chaining items together, residents should also fit close -shackled locks to the door to prevent them being cropped, or even fit a ‘shed bar’ that stretches across the door.

The police suggest residents also mark their property using a UV pen and register the serial numbers of their items with the free website

Anyone with details about break-ins should phone police on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.