Thief is foiled in supermarket booze thefts

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A POLISH drug addict who stole bottles of whisky and vodka from Morrisons in Mansfield in a foil-lined bag was handed a 20-week suspended sentence.

Heroin user Ryszard Kocwa (39), of St Michael Street, Sutton, twice entered the shop on 12th December, placing the bottles in the specially-adapted bag to prevent detection at the front door, and making off with £150-worth of booze in total.

Staff spotted him and a friend on CCTV putting the bottles into a trolley before then placing them in the laptop-style bag. They were detained when they returned to the shop later that day for another thieving spree.

Communicating through an interpreter at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court, he admitted the two charges of theft, that he was drinking and taking heroin that day, and that he was planning to drink some of the stolen alcohol and sell the rest to help fund his drug habit.
He also admitted to being hooked on the drug before arriving in England, that he had a previous drug conviction in Poland and the job he had in England had not been enough to fund his spiralling addiction.
It was heard that he had since lost his job.

The magistrates said: “There’s been quite a degree of planning and it was done with others, so it was a group activity and the intention was to steal for drugs. This is past the custody threshold.”

But following a report from the probation service, the magistrates agreed to suspend the sentence, but handed him a community order in which he ordered to seek help for his drug and alcohol problems.