The road to recession

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A recent study found it costs just £50 to repair a pothole and the amount councils have had to pay in compensation to road users up and down the country could have fixed 96,000 of them. With the Coalition slashing funding for road maintenance, experts fear it could get worse.

Nottinghamshire came third highest on the national list of compensation paid to drivers; a total of £158,578. The transport portfolio only received a small increase in its budget this year. If things continue that money will just about cover further compensation claims rather than maintenance.

Things are far worse on rural roads. I was recently in the Valley Road area of Bilsthorpe. Some of the roads and pavements are in very poor condition.

A study by the Centre for Local Economic Strategies said the Conservative cuts would result in an increase in a north/south divide in the county, with areas like Mansfield and Ashfield being affected more heavily than Rushcliffe or Broxtowe.

If things continue, we will have no viable front line services to speak of.

George Osbourne previously said if it wasn’t hurting, it wasn’t working. This was sold to the Conservatives at Nottinghamshire County Council.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles had to urge them to rethink ‘disproportionate’ cuts to the voluntary sector.

The Conservative led coalition have said that “Local residents want quality frontline services at value for money prices”.Local Independents have said they will be supporting common sense proposals in an effort to maintain ‘value for money front line services’.

It looks like the same type of austerity pain to me. There is now broad agreement with Labour’s five point plan for jobs and that cutting too fast has not helped, but has put us back in recession.


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