The Mansfield and Ashfield Echo brings the news to area’s blind and partially sighted

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Do you know anyone who would like to read the Chad, but can’t because they are blind or partially sighted? The Mansfield and Ashfield Echo Talking Newspaper can help.

The Echo provides a fortnightly digest of news from each edition of the Chad for visually impaired people in an audio format.

Each programme lasts approximately one hour and enables those who aren’t able to read to keep in touch with local news stories and access local services and important information. There are also competitions, feature articles by local writers and much more.

Each edition of the Echo is recorded on cassette and CD, either of which can be requested by the user. It is sent free of charge to anyone who is registered blind or partially sighted, anywhere in the UK.

It can also be downloaded from the Chad website via the Sonata internet radio provided by the British Wireless for the Blind Fund.

The Echo can also be supplied to anyone who is sighted, but for medical reasons is unable to read a newspaper.

If you know of anyone who you think would benefit from this free service then please get in touch, and we would be delighted to help. You could try it for a few weeks without obligation. For more information please phone the Echo on 01623 475858 or email