The Forest at Mansfield Old Library

LOCAL playwright Kevin Fegan is about to see his second play of the year open in connection with Mansfield Palace Theatre.

Following the popular When Frankenstein Came to Matlock, the theatre's playwright-in-residence is back with The Forest.

The thrilling new show is being performed for four nights only at The Old Library, on Leeming Street, from 12th to 15th March.

Set in an isolated house in the middle of a forest, the gripping tale starts with a knock at the door awakening a man from a drunken nightmare to discover his childhood friend who has escaped from prison.

The pair are later joined by an ex-wife and what unfolds is an emotional ride through events which occurred in the forest 15 years earlier.

The theme running through the play is the way we are all caught up in the dirty business of crime and punishment.

And Fegan brings the play to life by drawing on his extraordinary experiences of working as a writer in several British prisons.

The Forest starts each night at 7.30pm and tickets cost 6.50 and 7.50 from the box office on Mansfield 633133.