The cost of Christmas

I don’t know about other people but I’m not sure I can summon up the energy to get into the Christmas spirit with all the depressing news that is around just now.

Christmas seems to get more and more expensive every year. I for one am having problems paying my weekly bills so there is little left to spend on all the things that we associate with the festive season. I hope my relatives, friends and neighbours will understand if the presents I give them are a bit basic this year, but times really are hard for my family.

After all it is the thought that counts isn’t it? Thank goodness for those pound shops, they really are a life saver to people like me on a low income. Wouldn’t it be good if they could branch out into providing gas and electricity? It’s the ever increasing costs of domestic fuel that have hit my family really hard this year.

I shudder to think how much it will cost me to cook the turkey and all the trimmings on the big day. This will be the first year I won’t be baking any mince pies as it will be cheaper to buy a few in. Oh for the days when it was “a shilling for the gas meter” (for younger readers that’s 5pence!).

And we hadgood crackling coal fires to sit around as a family, and at Christmas we would be roasting chestnuts in the hot coals. I’m sure it is cheaper to have a coal fire rather than the modern ways of heating our houses and, of course, if people today used coal in the quantities we used to the mines would still be open and my husband wouldn’t have been thrown on the scrap heap at the age of 50.

If things get any more costly I might have to think about making one of my new year resolutions to go vegetarian in 2013, although I know I will miss my meat and two veg on a Sunday.

Jennie Ellis,

Westfield Lane,