The Coopers - Tasty main courses, but no room for dessert!

You may well have driven up or down the A60, seen The Coopers set back from the road and thought, ‘I really should stop off there one day’.

I certainly had, and after finally making that stop, I would definitely advise everyone else to do the same. You won’t be disappointed.

It was during a sunny midweek lunchtime that we paid a visit to the pub/restaurant and being such a summery day, my friend and I decided to sit outside in the lovely outdoor dining area.

There was a wide range of dishes to choose from and the prices were mostly in the very reasonable £10-12 range.

I plumped for honey and mustard chicken skewers while my companion picked the sea bass option.

We had a little wait for the food to be brought out, but when it emerged it was clear that this was because it had all been freshly made to order.

My plate was a sight to behold - the chicken skewer was much larger than expected and had been beautifully cooked, with pieces of onion, pepper and mushroom threaded in between the huge chicken chunks. It was served with nice and crispy hand cut chips, pitta bread and dips and some salad on the side.

Though perhaps the salad needed a bit of dressing, that was my only complaint. The chicken was not in the least bit dry and had a lovely honey flavour. It was really delicious.

My dining companion was also full of praise for her well-presented sea bass dinner, which came on a bed of red peppers and potatoes. The fish was not over-cooked and was served in a rich tomatoey sauce that had a good sprinkling of parsley. There was also a very generous portion of tasty shellfish.

We had just one problem after such big dinners...we had no room for dessert! The menu looked so good too, that we will have to go back!