The Chad heads out on a paranormal investigation at Thoresby Park

One of the teams try out the Ouija board
One of the teams try out the Ouija board

The nights are drawing in, the weather is turning cold, and Halloween is upon us.

You may be off to a party, or taking the little ones trick or treating.

Can you see the baby's face in this image?

Can you see the baby's face in this image?

But for a group of paranormal investigators, there’s only one place to be this spooky season, and that’s Thoresby Park.

Armed with all kinds of gadgets, from old fashioned Ouija boards to laptops, the team from Haunted Events UK, and guests, are on a mission to find signs of supernatural activity in Thorseby Park.

Starting off in the visitor centre set in the picturesque courtyard, over 30 people, sceptics and believers, are wrapped up warm.

The Courtyard is the perfect place to find paranormal activity - established in 1633 by Robert Pierrepont, the first Earl of Kingston upon Hull, Thoresby has a long history.

The paranormal investigators outside the courtyard

The paranormal investigators outside the courtyard

The night will firstly take the group upstairs to the attic of the courtyard building, which was originally the old stables, coach houses and riding school belonging to Thoresby Hall.

The group makes their way up to the unlit attic, where a Ouija board is laid out.

Lee Roberts, who runs the events, tells the group:“A lot of people get quite nervous as Ouija boards bring up energy.

“In fact they were made as a toy and sold to kids, but Hollywood got hold of it, and made it a nasty, evil thing.

“Ouija boards do work, and we want it to spell out answers to what you’re asking, not just random words.

“Anything with hands on, you can almost say well someones going to be pushing that.

“We want to figure out a scientific explanation, that’s what we do on an investigation.

“Last time we came here, we got some good results on the board.”

As the teams split off, things really start to go bump in the night.

Lee said: “The guests took part in ‘table tipping’ - where you lay your hands on the table, and it started really moving, tipping up on two legs and thrashing about the room.

“It was going on for a good 40 minutes, at one point it was spinning about the room and they couldn’t keep their hands on.”

“At the end of the night, the whole team stood in an open circle out in Sherwood Forest and we had to stop - some of the guests felt uncomfortable or sick.

“One lady walked into the middle of the circle, eyes glazed like she wasn’t really there.

“She came round, but didn’t have a clue what had happened.”

“One guest tonight captured an image of the group in the meeting room, which seemed normal, but when we zoomed in we saw a babies face on one of the chairs.”

Although Lee, a paranormal investigator for the past 22 years, runs these events up and down the country, he still tries to find a scientific explanation for everything.

He said:”I’m scientifically minded, and I think everything’s got an explanation.

“When I first started out I was a believer and then I turned sceptic, but there are some things I just can’t explain.

“If I saw a ghost I would be disappointed, because my job would be done.”