‘Thanks to eye test my wife is alive’

A Hucknall optician has been praised for saving the life of a wife and mother after an eye test led to the diagnosis of a brain tumour.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 19th June 2014, 2:09 pm

Michael Hart had taken his wife Samantha for an eye test after she had complained of headaches thinking a new pair of glasses would do the trick.

But when Stephen Archer, of Hucknall’s Specsavers’ opticians, took a photograph of the eye, he noticed the optic nerve was swollen. He then compared the image to one taken two years previously and noticed a subtle change.

Mr Archer took swift action and told Michael he needed to get Sam to the hospital.

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“We never thought for a minute it would turn out to be so serious,” said Michael who used to live in Hucknall but recently moved to Ravenshead.

“Sam had many tests that day but when the consultant came in the room and put his arm around me, I thought oh my god it’s serious.”

The mum of two underwent surgery where as much of the tumour as possible was removed.

“We were told that if Stephen hadn’t caught it when he did, Sam would’ve been dead within three months,” added Michael.

Sam made a ‘miraculous recovery’ but had a serious setback when the wound got infected and surgeons had to operate again.

“She was so poorly we didn’t think she would come home. We were told it was terminal and Sam was given only one-two years to live so we had to tell our children who were only six and 12 at the time.

“Sam is a remarkable woman and is doing well. We just wanted to thank Stephen whilst warning others to get their eyes checked as it could save their life one day.”

A modest Stephen said he was simply doing his job.

“Any other optician would have seen the problem too,” said Stephen. “But it’s important that eye tests become part of everybody’s regular health routine.”