Teversal residents call for faster internet speed

NMAC12-0230-1''Old Teversal residenys Richard Goad, Lynn Henstock and Mick Vardy who are haveing slow broadband speeds
NMAC12-0230-1''Old Teversal residenys Richard Goad, Lynn Henstock and Mick Vardy who are haveing slow broadband speeds
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FOLK living in rural Teversal are calling for urgent action to increase the speed of their broadband connections.

Householders in the village say people who work from home, like farmers, are particularly disadvantaged by slow and intermittent broadband speed - despite paying the same as customers living in towns and cities.

Mike Vardy, who works from home, says: “I think you need at least 2mbps (megabits per second) to be able to function and we get less than half of that.

“You’re being pushed to use broadband by organisations including the Government for your tax returns.”

And he added: “We don’t want 100mb - we would be happy if everyone could rely on getting 2mb.”

Lynn Henstock runs her own catering company.

She said: “We pay the same as people in a town but we are right at the end of the exchange. By the time it gets to us it’s really bad.”

Now the residents are urging Ashfield District Council to allocate funds to boost the broadband speed.

Nottinghamshire County Council has CASH to allocate to rural areas to improve the service for rural areas such as Teversal - but it needs support from the district council.

Nottinghamshire county councillor Keith Girling said: “Our local broadband plan has identified Teversal as an area with limited broadband access which is unlikely to benefit from the private sector super fast broadband roll-out plans.

“The council is looking to invest around £2.15million from its own funds to improve broadband access for 116,011 properties across Nottinghamshire.

“In Ashfield this equates to around 3,400 premises and the plan is reliant on the district council contributing £60,008.

“The Government has allocated £4.25m towards broadband improvements across the county, this will be matched pound for pound by the county council and its local authority partners, with a further anticipated contribution of £8.5m from the appointed telecommunications contractor to carry out the county-wide improvements.

“We are asking each district, borough and the city council to make a contribution depending on how many premises are set to benefit in their areas.”

Coun Jason Zadrozny, whose ward includes the village, says better broadband is vital for the economic wellbeing of the area.

”It’s a no-brainer,” he said. “It brings more wealth and income to the district and it has social benefits as well.

“A little help from the council to keep people in work is incredibly valuable.”