Terminal cancer pensioner is denied extra parking permit

Janet Hollingworth who needs additional visitor parking permits.
Janet Hollingworth who needs additional visitor parking permits.

A woman diagnosed with terminal cancer says council chiefs are refusing to allow her more parking permits for healthcare professionals to visit her at home.

Janet Hollingwith and her family were given the devastating news last month that there is no hope she can be cured of angiosarcoma, cancer of her blood vessels lining.

Despite this, Mrs Hollingwith has made the decision to remain at her home on her own on Charles Street, Mansfield Woodhouse, but will need increasing help.

With residents’ permit parking in place on the street, she contacted Nottinghamshire County Council to inquire about securing a second visitor’s permit, but has been refused.

Her daughter, Mandy Horsley said: “She’s got one visitor’s permit, but she’s only asking for one more. She explained the situation but they just said ‘no’.

“We are really annoyed about it and it’s really frustrating that we haven’t been able to get anywhere with it.

“She does not want to move into a bungalow and she has a stairlift and wheelchair so she can get about, but if more than one person has to visit, what are they going to do?”

Her cancer is so rare that only 174 cases were diagnosed in the UK last year.

While she has been told it has spread and is aggressive, Mrs Hollingwith is set to undergo radiotherapy to slow it down and prolong her life.

However, that will mean increasing care, particularly in her own home.

Mandy said: “I will need to be there to help, but we’re going to need doctors and nurses and other professionals.

“It means friends won’t be able to visit her either.

“We’re only asking for one more – it’s important that she has them, she’s going to need people caring for her.”

Peter Goode, traffic manager at the council, said: “We are sorry to hear of Mrs Hollingworth’s situation and would not wish her to be anxious about her carer’s parking.

“It’s generally a matter for the care provider to arrange such parking. Healthcare professionals with specific parking needs within residents’ areas work with us to discuss and organise appropriate arrangements.

“We are keen to make contact with Mrs Hollingworth’s care provider as soon as possible to find a solution.”