Teenager sets up new soup kitchen

News update....
News update....

A kind-hearted Sutton teenager is starting his own soup kitchen to help homeless people in the area.

Jordan Turner (17), of Burton Road, said he was spurred into action after meeting a homeless man who lives under a bridge.

The West Notts College student, who studies engineering, is handing out warm clothes and food to the destitute two days a week but hopes to extend this to five days.

Said Jordan: “I live a decent life in a nice house with my family but you see people living under bridges.

“I have got a cold just from walking to college - I feel bad for them because you see these people suffering.”

Jordan is currently appealing for donations of clothing or food from retailers but he has also had cash donations via his Facebook page, Helping the Homeless.

The Sutton teenager plans to recruit a worker from homeless charity Framework to join him on his visits and try to re-home people.

He urged homeless clients to trust himself and fellow workers. “Not one of us will judge people by their past,” said Jordan.

“We all have things in our past but they are not always our fault - whether it is down to alcohol and drugs or abuse.

“We want people to know we are here.”

Jim Aspinall, Ashfield District Councillor for Sutton Central, said: “I met Jordan a couple of weeks ago and was really impressed with the young man.

“His commitment to caring for the homeless interested me and I told him if I was in a position to support him I would.

“I intend to meet with our grant advisors to see what Jordan and his team need to do to set themselves up properly.”

For more information or to get in touch with Jordan visit Facebook and search for Helping the Homeless.