Teenager held knife to sister’s throat in Jacksdale

A TEENAGER who held a knife to her sister’s throat has been handed a jail sentence by magistrates.

Jessica Leanne Dick, who is of no fixed address, had turned up at her sister’s house in Jacksdale last Wednesday, 13th March demanding to stay there, and turned violent when she was refused.

Mansfield Magistrates’ Court was told how 19-year-old Dick, had headed for her sister’s house after appearing in court involving a separate case.

Dick had already been the subject of curfew order and had ripped the electronic tag from her leg after she left a refuge at which she was staying.

When her sister refused to let her stay, Dick grabbed a meat knife from a magnetic board and held it against her throat, shouting that she was going to kill her and that she had nowhere else to go.

The court was told that the knife was only about an inch from her sister’s throat.

The victim later said she was frightened but did not feel as though Dick would stab her at any point.

The police arrived a short time later and led the defendant away.

Defending, Emma Goodall, said her client had endured a difficult time, had suffered a miscarriage and had homeless issues.

However, she said she had no intention of using the knife.

Having already been recently convicted of offences including burglary and assault, a probationary report said she had also failed to turn up to a number of appointments.

Already in custody, Dick was told by the magistrates: “Because of the serious nature of the offences, custody is the only option.”

They revoked three previous offences and sentenced her to 16 weeks behind bars.