Teenage boy’s sex case hinges on forensic results

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A COURT case in which a teenage boy is accused of raping a 65-year-old disabled man hinges on the results of forensic results, Mansfield Magistrates’ Court heard this week.

The 15-year-old from Mansfield, who can’t be named for legal reasons, is facing three serious sexual charges including rape, attempted rape and assaulting a male by penetration.

During a short hearing this week, he appeared in court via a video link-up after being remanded in custody.

The Crown Prosecution Service admitted if the forensic results return negative, the charges could be dropped.

It was heard during a previous hearing that the teenager had allegedly grabbed the disabled man off the street and subjected him to an horrific sexual ordeal on 4th August.

During Tuesday’s hearing it was heard that swabs had been taken from both the defendant and the alleged victim.

However, results from the forensic tests are yet to be returned and are not expected until later this month.

The CPS said it was not possible to continue proceedings until the results were known and that the future of the case depended on them.

A line-up was held after the boy’s arrest in which the alleged victim failed to pick him out.

Remanded in custody, the boy is to appear in court again on 2nd October, where he will also answer charges of theft from a dwelling, theft from a shop and robbery.