Teen gang ringleader banned from Mansfield town centre

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The ringleader of a group of teenagers who have plagued people with anti-social behaviour in Mansfield has been banned from the town centre for two years.

Fourteen-year-old Neo Gamlin must also stay away from Titchfield Park and Ladybrook Place in Mansfield, unless accompanied by his parents, under the terms of a Criminal Behaviour Order.

The order also prohibits him from causing nuisance, alarm, distress or harassment to people in Mansfield, or abusing police officers, police community support officers, or Mansfield District Council wardens.

If he ignores the order, it is a criminal offence and he could be locked up.

Gamlin, of Pembleton Drive, Mansfield, was given the order after admitting two offences of criminal damage and one theft. The court heard he kicked random cars in an unprovoked attack on 22 August and also ripped a toilet roll holder off a wall in a McDonald’s restaurant before stealing it on August 24.

He was also the leader of a group who have been behaving in a threatening and intimidating manner towards business owners, market traders and shoppers, leading to numerous complaints.

The Mansfield Town Centre beat team worked alongside its partners at Mansfield District Council to collate the evidence against Gamlin and apply for the order.

Sergeant Dave Booler, of Nottinghamshire Police, said he was pleased with the outcome of the case at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on November 21.

“Gamlin has been identified as a ring leader in the issues we have been experiencing. Our aim is to ensure that people feel safe while visiting and working in Mansfield Town Centre and by successfully obtaining the CBO and robustly policing it we feel sure that this will have a positive impact,” he said.

Councillor Bill Drewett, Mansfield District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Safer Communities, said: “This case is good example of how the Community Safety Hub here enables the Police and council to work together to achieve a result that should bring a significant difference to the level of anti-social behaviour in the district. Working closely together is definitely the best way to tackle these kinds of issues”

Mansfield District Council Community Safety Operations Manager, Elaine Quince, said: “The council’s Neighbourhood Wardens and CCTV Team worked closely with Nottinghamshire Police officers and PCSOs to tackle issues in the Market Place. As a result of this case, the number of incidents has reduced dramatically. We will continue to patrol the areas to ensure the Market Place remains a pleasant place for both market traders and shoppers.”