Teachers should face terrorist laws if they tell pupils gay marriage is ‘wrong’, says MP

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer
Sherwood MP Mark Spencer

Sherwood MP Mark Spencer has defended comments he made that teachers who tell pupils that same sex marriages are ‘wrong’ should have anti-terror banning orders imposed.

In an email he sent to constituent, he said Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs), introduced to crack down on terrorist propagandists, could be used to stop children being taught that gay marriage is a sin.

The email reads: “I believe that everybody in society has a right to free speech and to express their views without fear of persecution.

“The new legislation specifically targets hate speech, so teachers will still be completely free to express their understanding of the term ‘marriage’.

“The EDOs will not serve to limit but rather to guarantee it.

“The EDOs in this case would apply in situations where a teacher was specifically teaching that gay marriage is wrong.”

After the letter received attention from the national newspapers, Mr Spencer took to Twitter to say: “My letter does not say teachers shouldn’t teach or share their own views on gay marriage, in fact it says that I believe they should!”