Teachers in bad books over holiday fines

Would you take your children out of school for fun in the sun?
Would you take your children out of school for fun in the sun?

Parents in Nottinghamshire have told Government and local authorities to stop fining mums and dads who take their children out of school for family holidays in term time.

According to the survey 68 per cent of parents complained that head teachers should not have the right to penalise parents - with 57 per cent adding that it was now time to stagger school holidays.

And 70 per cent accused the Government of acting like a ‘nanny state’ over the issue while calling for an immediate change in the law to allow parents to take their children on holiday anytime.

The survey, commissioned by Questor Insurance Services.

Some did support school’s decision - with 52 per cent saying taking children away in term time disrupted their education and made it difficult for the school.

“The survey was originally intended to establish the views of households about travel insurance,” said Andrew Lawrence, managing director of Questor.

“We were not expecting such a response to the second part of our questionnaire which covered holiday habits. It really does seem that parents feel strongly about this issue.”

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