Teachers are worth their weight in gold

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I had to write a reply to Barry Flint’s letter (Chad, November 6th) regarding assistant headteacher posts in primary school. Incensed is not the word!!

They say ignorance is bliss, so I imagine Mr Flint is very blissful as he is certainly ignorant regarding teachers!!

My husband is one of these assistant headteachers that Mr Flint is so enraged by and is a valued and much needed member of staff who works extremely hard and under a great deal of pressure.

I imagine Mr Flint is not experienced with educational matters because if he were he would know that assistant heads have a class who they are responsible for, as well as leadership duties and covering for deputy and headteacher in their absence.

All teachers have a curriculum responsibility so this one is for maths but other members of staff would have responsibility for literacy (English is a secondary term now!)

The salary is by no means unreasonable for the workload and please come up with something more original than the old school holidays argument when teacher bashing!!

Come and work in a classroom if you think it’s easy, you would soon be begging for the next school holiday!

Teachers have as much right as anyone else to stand up for their rights, if that means striking then so be it, some parents will moan because they see it as free childcare.

Yours furiously,

Suzy Meeson

(Teaching Assistant, hah!)

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