Taxi rank discussion hope

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Taxi drivers say they have “won over” Mansfield District Council during a meeting and could see more areas for them to park in Mansfield town centre.

Hackney carriages and private hire vehicles licensed by Mansfield District Council will now be allowed to park on Queen Street during the Christmas lights switch-on, something they have previously been excluded from doing.

During the public meeting where this was decided – a meeting your Chad was refused entry to – it was also decided the council would be pursuing a discussion with Nottinghamshire County Council’s highways team about enlarging taxi ranks in the town.

Taxi driver representatives who attended the meeting at Mansfield Civic Centre said it went “better than expected” and they were on their way to mending bridges after a rocky history.

Drivers have in the past parked in the Old Town Hall car park or parked on Queen’s Walk to protest about the size of the taxi rank on Queen Street, which only holds four cars.

Christopher Riley, for the taxi drivers, said “We wanted them to ask why we were knowingly breaking the rules and it was because there is not enough taxi spaces.

“We are fighting for more spaces on Queen Street as it is the safest and most accessible rank to the public, as to gain access to the taxi rank next to the bus station they have to cross the access road for the buses, which only has tactile paving for the blind.”

Mr Riley has also said they are pushing for road markings to be redone every year.

A district council spokeswoman said: “The council is supportive of safely enlarging the provision of taxi ranks in the town and will be pursing this discussion with Nottinghamshire County Council.

“All the existing taxi ranks are signed and marked.

“We feel the provision is good and aren’t aware of any specific issues.

“Any suggestions and improvements to this would be welcomed.”

Councillor Sid Walker, council licensing committee chairman, said: “The council aims to ensure the provision of high quality taxi services within the district.”