Tax hike could pay for more officers on Ashfield’s streets

ASHFIELD folk are being asked if they want to pay more to see more police officers on the streets.

Householders across the area, as well as the rest of Nottinghamshire, can have their say on whether they want to pay a few pounds extra on their Council Tax each year to increase the number of frontline officers.

Nottinghamshire Police must make savings of £11.6m in the coming financial year 2012/13 to plug a gap left by cuts from central Government.

But Nottinghamshire Police Authority, which sets Council Tax for the police, is considering increasing the contributions to pay for extra officers.

The number of officers could rise from 1,600 to 1,700 over three years. There would also be more Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and extra police staff so officers can carry out frontline duties.

The proposed rise for 2012/13 is 3.99 per cent and means someone living in a Band A or B property would see an increase of £4.26 per year (8.2p per week) or £4.97 per year (9.6p per week) towards policing.

Said Nottinghamshire Police Authority chairman, Jon Collins: “Our chief priority is to make Nottinghamshire safer so that residents have confidence that they are safe in a county with low crime and high detection rates.

“So far, we’ve limited the impact of any cuts on the frontline, which has helped to protect performance. However, the more we hack away at our assets, the greater the risk of regression. It is vital we act now if we are to secure our future success.”

To have your say, write to Nottinghamshire Police Authority, County Hall, West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire NG2 7QP, visit or email

Feedback should be received by 10th February.