TALKING POLITICS: Why I love Mansfield...

Mansfield train station.
Mansfield train station.

Mansfield Progressive Labour Coun Phil Shields on what the town has going for it...

We all know Mansfield like other towns/cities across the UK has to work harder at getting things right and I believe it is up to us as Councillors to drive the town forward and make it a better place to be, but we cannot do this without the support of our communities.

We have some fantastic communities across our District and I think we as a council should listen more to those volunteer groups and encourage more dialogue between us.

It is time we put Mansfield first and its political priorities first.

Councillor Lee’s final paragraphs (in his recent Chad Column) seemed to sum up the way Labour thinks, the directives all come from Central Government, not locally driven.

I find it a shame that yet again a decision taken, which has seen a massive increase in people of our District using facilities, and thousands spent improving our facilities is criticised because a party is against something which is right because it does not fit in with “their” political ideas.

Perhaps we should ask the thousands of new users what they think of our leisure facilities before we criticise.

People are frightened of change and yet without change we cannot move on and we as so called “leaders” are supposed to make change happen.

So why do I love Mansfield?

I have been privileged over the last few weeks to see community groups coming together for the benefit of the whole community in which they live.

The Mansfield Woodhouse annual fete on Yeoman Hill Park was another great success where hundreds of residents from Woodhouse were able to enjoy a fun packed family day.

The Warsop Carnival where thousands turned out for this free family day and were entertained all day with music, fairground rides, parachutists and stunt teams to name a few.

I know the hard work involved in setting up these events as I am Chair of the Warsop Carnival Committee and to think that a handful of people can provide such fantastic events for the whole of their communities is something I and my committee are proud to do.

The 100th year at Titchfield Park – Edwardian day where two hundred plus school children from King Edwards School came to the park to play traditional games, egg and spoon race, sack race, chick race and then to come together to sing “ Happy Birthday “ to Titchfield Park was just unbelievable.

A massive thank you and well done to everyone who arranged and supported these fantastic community events.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Why do YOU love your home town?

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