Talk to Alfreton WI

Alfreton Women’s Institute were given a talk by Mike Banks, from the Derby panel of REMAP, a charity formed to help people regain lost skills and achieve new ones.

They were shown small aids made by retired engineers who have been developing the project.

Seen on a power point presentation were many clever adapted devices for children and adults.

Mike Banks had worked on a small page turner at the request of a Derby hospital unit. This is so successful that it has gone into production. He has donated all rights to the device to the NHS unit involved.

REMAP is a non-profit making organisation and funds its work from donations - for more information go to

There is no meeting for Alfreton WI in August, but members are looking forward to a visit to Southwell organised for later in the month.

It will soon be time for the WI bulbs to be delivered ready for planting for spring flowering. There is always something to look forward to in the WI.

At the September meeting the speaker will deal with the intriguing topic of ‘Hypnosis for Health – what it is and how it can help me’. I will report as usual after the meeting unless I am hypnotised and I sleep through it all.