Taking a shot at fundraising at Cheeky Monkey and andwhynot

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CUSTOMERS at Cheeky Monkey in Mansfield raised over £1,300 by buying ‘Pink Ribbon’ shots for the Amazons Breast Cancer Support Group based at King’s Mill.

And Julie Edwards decided she didn’t want gifts for her 70th birthday at andwhynot and asked friends and family to donate - raising £600 to take the total to £1,903.75. Julie also gave £50 to Sutton’s Air Ambulance shop.

Pictured are Heather Harrison, andwhynot; Ang Whawell and Janet Stafford from Amazon; Laura Murray, assistant manager at Cheeky Monkey; Geoff Stafford, Amazon secretary; Bryn Gilmour-Minor , manager at Cheeky Monkey; Julie Edwards and Amazon chairman Beryl Perrin. The photo was taken by Carrie Austin Photography - www.carroeaustin.co.uk - who donated her time.