Swanwick School put a majestic performance into Queen musical

Whatson in the area
Whatson in the area

Swanwick hall School raised the bar yet again this year with their production of “We Will Rock You”, writes Joshua Smith.

The musical is set in the future, in a world run by the tyrannical GlobalSoft Corporation, who completely bans all musical instruments, individual expression and fashion statements.

The company, ran by the “Killer Queen” (played by Emma Shears) aim to track down and destroy the rebel gang of “Bohemians” who, having read ancient documentation showing legendary and unique music, and try to find hidden mythical instruments, that were, according to legend, buried by heroes of rock and roll, Queen.

The legend also speaks of a leader, the only man who can guide the people to the instruments and bring back individuality, expression and most importantly, Rock music.

This man, unaware of his own identity, calls himself Galileo Figaro (Daniel Ford) and hears random words and names in his head but cannot decipher their meaning, until he meets the bohemians, lead by Big Macca (Emma Smith) and inspired by Britney Spears (Ollie Wood) who inform him of his destiny, the ancient artefacts, and the legend of Rock.

Assisted by his new found love, who he names Scaramoush, (Paige Seabridge) favoured to “fat bottom girl” and “Chick”, the two go in search of the mythical instruments and vaporise the dictator KillerQueen, and free the masses with the power of Rock!

The cast was exceptional, with mentions having to be given to Paige Seabridge, Ollie Wood, Emma Shears, Joseph Morley and, the lead role, Daniel Ford for, not only terrific Acting capabilities, but superb singing voices. And of course, “Galileo’s band” conducted by Elspeth Chatto, and everyone behind the scenes managing the lighting, sound, costumes and set, and directors Martin Picker, Jennifer Duffy and Cara Turton-Chambers.

A huge congratulations to all involved, it really was a spectacular show!