Sutton youngsters pay respect to fallen soldiers

Roy with the students at the cemetery.  Picture by DARRON ELLIS
Roy with the students at the cemetery. Picture by DARRON ELLIS

Children have paid their respects to fallen Sutton soldiers by placing poppy crosses on their graves.

Roy Harrison, aged 76, from Sutton, who organises the Remembrance Parade in Sutton took the children around Sutton Cemetery to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.

The eight students from St Mary Magdalene C of E Primary School were taken around the 70 military graves in the cemetery on Huthwaite Road.

They laid crosses decorated with a poppy on the graves of fallen veterans from the First and Second World War and Afghanistan War.

Mr Harrison a veteran of Mansfield’s Royal Green Jackets said: “I spoke to the children to show them why we use poppies as a symbol of remembrance.

“I was amazed with how interested there were with the battles. They asked me questions like why were animals involved in war.”

The visit was part of a Green Jacket’s campaign to explain to school children why the county remembers wars.

He said: “I have seven more schools left to visit - one school I have already been to is Mapplewells Primary School.

“It is important to go into schools, they are out futures, when my generation is gone - and we don’t have long left someone need to keep remembrance going.” 
Mr Harrison is set to go into the school in the up-coming weeks to speak to all of the students about remembrance.