Sutton troublemaker spared jail after being found in ‘drunken state’ in town

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A woman who breached her Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) has been spared jail.

Abigail Smith, 29, of Stamper Crescent, Sutton, was previously issued with a CBO that banned her from being in possession of an open vessel of alcohol, entering a pub unless explicit permission had been gained from the premises supervisor and from acting in a manner which was likely to cause alarm to people in Sutton-in-Ashfield.

She was arrested and charged at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Thursday, September 8) after causing distress and being in a drunken state in a town centre shop.

She was given a six-month conditional charge by the magistrates.

Police Sergeant Carl Holland said: “Smith has been given many chances and continues to cause problems in the area. We will not tolerate people causing a nuisance and behaving anti-socially and those found to be doing so will be dealt with accordingly.”