Sutton sock firm frames its footware with classic art designs

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A Sutton footwear firm is Monet-ising its socks by turning them into works of art to hang on the wall

Sutton based sock brand, Roy’s Boys, are dipping their toe in the art world by selling their socks in a frame as art on their website.

Through a collaboration with the National Gallery, Roy’s Boys have created a collection of socks with intricate designs from classic pieces of fine art. These include paintings such as Vincent van Gogh’s famous Sunflower and Claude Monet’s Water-lily pond.

Ben Lowe, account manager at Roy’s Boys and Roy’s 2nd Boy’s Boy said, “The idea came to us when we were decorating the showroom in our factory.”

“We put a pair of our Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflower socks into a frame to hang up, and I liked them so much I wanted one for my flat.”

“It then became apparent that everyone else at Roy’s Boys HQ also wanted a pair in a frame, so framed sock art was born.”

“Not many people will get the chance to have the works of Monet and Van Gogh hanging in their wall at home, and with the amount of technical skills that goes into making socks, we see them as a work of art too.”

Roy’s Boys is a brand owned by Roy Lowe and Sons Ltd, a textile manufacturer based in Sutton.

It was established in 1996 by Ben’s Father and Uncle, Martin and Tim. The family take pride in the Roy’s Boys range, which is all made in their UK factory, to the high quality and standards that have in the most part been lost in the industry in recent years.

Famed for their range of odd socks, Roy’s Boys has begun to broaden its product range through collaborating with well-known brands and licenses. As well as the National Gallery, Roy’s Boys also manufacture socks from many other brands such as Fortnite, Baby Shark, Hey Duggee and Game of Thrones.

Ben, 28, from Nottingham added: “Licensing is an area of expertise that we have specialised in for over 20 years. Being able to apply this to our own socks brand is fantastic and is something we are very passionate about.”

“We are hoping that through our products, people begin to appreciate socks and see them as a fun gift which everyone can enjoy.”

You can either buy the socks as single pairs at £6 each, create your own gift bundle of 3 pairs for £15 or buy the single pairs in a frame for £20. They can be bought online here