Sutton’s lack of inward investment

Regrettably Sutton, unlike some, seems to be a town centre suffering from insufficient inward investment and general care and attention.

In short, the former public baths have been allowed to evolve into a derelict eyesore, a collection of tarmac circles now replace once flourishing trees and no cycling signs in pedestrianised areas are constantly ignored.

The sundial on Portland Square appears to be an unloved carbuncle, an information board contains nothing except graffiti, all in an area that’s apparently become a magnet for drugs and anti-social behaviour.

To cap it all, the Chad office on Outram Street has closed after many years of service provision to the town. It’s easy to blame cutbacks and the recession for this malaise.

However, most local authorities have at their disposal significant revenue, generated from council tax payments and Government financial grants, Primarily, it’s the duty of those seeking such responsibility, after being elected to represent us, to decide on our behalf, where and how these very substantial pots of money are being spent.

Dave Shooter,

Windsor Avenue,


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