Sutton’s Conservative Club to be pulled down

Sutton Conservative Club, Fox Street.
Sutton Conservative Club, Fox Street.

The potential redevelopment of Sutton town centre has moved a step closer following the approval of the method of demolition of the former Conservative Club building.

Ashfield District Council’s planning committee last week approved a planning application to demolish the building, on Fox Street, using ‘mechanical methods with suitable material from the demolition being used for the infilling of the cellar’.

The council intends to redevelop the site, as exclusively revealed by Chad in January.

The regeneration plans were discussed as an exempt item at a council meeting, with the acquisition of the Conservative Club described then as ‘pivotal’.

Trevor Watson, the council’s service director - economy, said that now the demolitionhas been confirmed, more definite proposals for the redevelopment of Sutton will be forthcoming.

“It is a priority of the council to redevelop and regenerate our town centres. This is already bearing fruit with tangible improvements to Kirkby town centre and our house building programme in Sutton on the old Brook Street pools site,” he said.

“The purchase and demolition of the Conservative Club provides the council with a great opportunity to accommodate a site in the centre of Sutton to revitalise its regeneration ambitions.

“We have ideas and will be developing more definitive proposals over the coming months. In doing so we will be looking to engage with key stakeholders through the process.”

Though the club is now set to be pulled down, an assessment of its historical value was carried out and the council’s conservation officer found that ‘in the absence of any redevelopment proposals for this site following demolition, conservation cannot offer support for the demolition’.

The officer found that ‘whilst not architecturally elaborate’, the club is a ‘good example of the period with quality embellishments’.

These include the porch hood, leaded windows and cast iron rainwater hoppers with heart shape motifs, which are typical of the Arts and Crafts movement.

The planning application states that architectural features from the building should be retained for the ‘potential re-use in any future redevelopment of the application site’.

It will also be subject to an historic building recording for future reference.

These are both conditions placed on the planning application.