Sutton OAPs to lose their homes as company shuts complex

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero, visits residents of Sherwood House in Sutton who are worried that they are going to lose their homes.
Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero, visits residents of Sherwood House in Sutton who are worried that they are going to lose their homes.

Pensioners who live in a complex of flats in Sutton have been left heartbroken after being told they have to move out of their homes.

Sanctuary Housing has told people living at Sherwood House flats, on Willowbridge Lane, that they have to move out, but has not explained why, when or where they are supposed to go.

The devastating news has left the elderly people who live there stunned and upset at the thought of losing their homes.

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero visited the complex on Friday to hear their fears.

June Alvey (82), who has lived at Sherwood House for 11 years, said: “You just can’t sleep at night and it’s on your mind all the time.”

The residents said that they feel let down because they were led to believe that they had bought a ‘home for life’ when they moved in, with some spending thousands of pounds renovating the flats and some not having been there that long.

Barry Middleton (74) said: “We came on the promise that we had a home for life.

“Sanctuary allowed us to make big alterations - a new kitchen, bedroom, new bathroom, costing over £13,000 11 years ago. What upset us is they seem so blasé about it.”

Gloria said that she was ‘moved to tears’ by the distress displayed by residents and has written to Sanctuary urging them to rethink their plans.

“This situation is so distressing for everyone involved, residents and their friends and family and it was just impossible not to be moved to tears, she said.

“I am urging Sanctuary Housing to rethink the plans to close Sherwood House flats and do the decent and compassionate thing and tell these good people that the homes they cherish and love are safe.

“I’ve already written to bosses once but they can now expect another letter as well because this heartbreaking situation needs resolving as quickly as possible.”

“I’ve promised residents that I will do absolutely everything in my power to help them,” she added.

John Hanson, head of housing operations for Sanctuary, said that Sherwood House is in need of ‘further investment’ to ensure that it continues to meet housing standards, but work cannot be done whilst the homes are occupied.

“We recognise that this may seem like an uncertain time, and are working with each tenant to talk through their options, help them in the process of finding a new home and give them a steer on the amount of compensation they would be entitled to,” he said.

“We will continue the service until everyone is re-housed, and out of consideration for residents, we have not set a deadline for when the property needs to be empty.”