Sutton mum’s jail appeal bid rejected

A YOUNG mum who was jailed for the drunken Mansfield street robbery of a woman today failed in her Court of Appeal bid for a reduced sentence.

Top judges said mum-of-one, Dominique Ivy Mason (23) deserved every day of her two-and-a-half year sentence for her part in the violent mugging.

Mason, of Barnes Crescent, Sutton, was jailed at Nottingham Crown Court in October after she admitted robbing Kelly Scully with a drinking partner.

Rejecting her appeal in London, Judge David Radford told the court that the pair had carried out the robbery with an “unusual degree of persistence”.

Mason and her female accomplice had been drinking when they attacked Miss Scully as she walked alone in Mansfield late on 7th September, he said.

“On the ground, the terrified victim curled up in a ball with her hands over head as she was kicked, punched and held on the floor,” continued the judge.

Mason admitted that she had taken Miss Scully’s mobile phone, which she later returned, and had held her on the floor as her friend removed her purse.

Her lawyers today argued that a shorter sentence would have been appropriate. She had not been in serious trouble before and had a toddler to look after, they said.

Giving judgment, Judge Radford said: “The fact that the appellant and co-defendant were heavily intoxicated is not a mitigating, but aggravating, factor in this offence.

“This robbery was pressed home with an unusual degree of persistence.

“It seems to us that, given the aggravating features present, the learned judge’s sentence fell properly within the range of unappealable sentences for such offences of robbery.”

The judge, sitting today with Lord Justice Hughes and Mr Justice Foskett, dismissed the appeal.