Sutton mum put up for hire for weddings

NMAC11-1993-2''Sutton Jacky Tucker
NMAC11-1993-2''Sutton Jacky Tucker

ALMOST all mums dream of the day when they can see their son or daughter get married . . . but one Sutton mum is preparing to do more than most to make her dream come true.

Jacky Tucker has always wanted to help her offspring organise a wedding and be there on the big day - but her three children Nathan (33), Ashleigh (28) and Sam (35) say they have no intention of getting married.

Sam, who lives in Mansfield Woodhouse, hatched the plan to ‘rent’ out their mum to any blushing brides who may not be able to have their own mum there on their big day.

She said: “I know it’s definitely not on the cards for any of us. But she really wants to do it so it would be a great opportunity for someone who hasn’t got a mum.

“It’s just so she can have a special day while she has got the chance.”

Jacky has been married to John for 36 years, although they did not have a big wedding.

Now, with the wedding season in full swing, she is hoping she can help someone else have a day to remember.

“I’d love to help pick out the dress, the flowers, the venue.

“There has got to be somebody without a mother that would like someone to help with dress fittings.

“I just think it’s a lovely build-up. It’s so exciting - I want that excitement.

“I don’t want anyone to think I am being funny. I just want to help someone and be a mum to someone.”

Anyone who would like to hire Jacky for their wedding day should contact Chad reporter Catherine Allen on Mansfield 450302 or email