Sutton man filmed child on the toilet

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A Sutton man who filmed a child using the toilet and downloaded extreme child porn has been told he will go to jail.

Anthony Cooke, 49, of Chatsworth Street, has admitted 14 charges at Nottingham Crown Court today.

It included making videos and images between 2010 and 2015, including children getting dressed, as well as possessing more than 240 downloaded category A images or videos - the most extreme in nature - involving sexual activity with children aged two and three.

He had nearly 140 pictures and videos of category B and C level, plus an image of sexual violence and an adult having sex with a dog.

However, Cooke denies that he gained any sexual gratification from the videos or the images.

He claims the camera was set up to catch a thief, and that the child porn videos downloaded had arrived hidden in a huge file he obtained from a file-sharing application, and that he was in the process of deleting them.

Judge Gregory Dickinson QC gave the Crown Prosecution Service time to work on the case and Cooke will be expected to return to court for sentencing on October 7.

Cooke was bailed, but before leaving court the judge told him: “You have pleaded guilty to some serious offences.

“It seems that whatever the outcome is, it will be a custodial sentence.

“You have told a probation officer and psychiatrist that you have no sexual interest in children, but the prosection says that’s exactly why you did it.

“A judge needs to decide that, but whatever the factual basis is, it means a prison sentence.”