Sutton learners take on new challenge in popular retail store

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Sutton learners have been perfecting the art of customer service in a week long intensive course.

The eager group have been taking tips on vital interview skills and retail awareness in conjunction with the Range store - which is set to open soon in the town.

Two learners from this initiative - which was run by Academy Transformation Trust Further Education, Sutton Community Academy and Ashfield Job Centre Plus - are Philip Bunkle (pictured left) and Ryan Brown (pictured right).

Philip said “We visited the Range store in Chesterfield and the manager told us lots of statistics and facts about the company.”

They both said they learnt transferable skills that could be used in other careers.

At the end of the week learners participated in a mock interview. Ryan commented that he found the mock interviews to be really helpful as he hasn’t had much interview experience.

For more information about employability courses, contact Sutton Academy on 01623 441310.