Sutton-in Ashfield woman tells of her holiday horror of being stuck in Egypt

Derick Clark and kerry Demircan were stranded in Egypt for days after flights were grounded following the Russian plane crash
Derick Clark and kerry Demircan were stranded in Egypt for days after flights were grounded following the Russian plane crash

After the plane crashed in Sharm el Sheikh thousands of Brits have been stranded and one woman who has just returned home after being stranded for four days tells of the fear and how airport security is lax.

Kerry Demircan, 42, of Alfreton Road, Sutton-in-Ashfield, went on a spur of the moment holiday with her partner, Derick Clark, for his 50th birthday.

They flew out on October 22 and were due to return on November 5 but after a Russian airbus crashed on October 31 killing all 224 onboard - flights were grounded.

She said: “We knew people on that flight as they had been staying in our hotel.

“The was such a sense of panic and fear when we found out but it was so hard to get up to date information and we felt like we were being kept in the dark.”

Kerry and Derick, who were travelling with two teenagers, had booked their holiday through Thompson and say the service from the travel agent in the aftermath was amazing.

“When we found out we couldn’t get back they put us up in another hotel but we were one of the lucky ones, others who booked hotels and flights separately had no where to go.”

Thousands of tourists have been stranded in the Red Sea resort as flights were not leaving the country while experts investigated the reason behind the crash.

David Cameron who put the ban on flights returning to Britain did so because it is believed a bomb was used to blow up the plane.

Kerry, who was staying in the New Laperla Hotel in Sharm, said: “There are thousands of people desperate to get home and not enough is being done to get people back safely.”

Moscow officials admitted that in 24 hours they had flown home 11,000 – out of their 80,000 stranded tourists – while Britain got out only 1945 from Sharm in the same period but there are still an estimated 7,500 Brits in Egypt.

“Two flights a day for British people who are stuck there is disgusting,” said Kerry.

“We had to check out of our hotel at noon hoping to catch a flight home only to be told at 7pm we weren’t going anywhere, it was horrible - and when we did get a flight we had to leave our luggage their and we are still waiting for it.”

The plane, an airbus A321, operated by a small Russian airline, took off from the holiday resort of Sharm el Sheikh at 5.58am. At 6.20am it vanished from radar screens while flying at an altitude of 31,000ft over the Sinai Peninsula and went into a “rapid descent”.

Since then airport security was supposed to have improved, however Kerry said this was not the case.

“I smoke and put my lighter in my hand luggage without thinking. It was only when I got through security that I realised it hadn’t been taken off me.
“There were more checks in Doncaster airport leaving the country than there was here just days after a bomb has gone off.

“The shops were open and we sat around for three hours in the airport before we could do anything.”

The whole experience has put Kerry off flying and she said she was so nervous when she had to board the plane.

She added: “People don’t realise how bad it is out there and we saw no one from the British embassy out there at the airport to talk to us.

“It is absolute chaos but we are the lucky ones who managed to get back.”