Sutton gran smashed up Audi with baseball bat

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A Sutton grandmother smashed up an Audi with a baseball bat in a row with the car’s owner about cash he owed to her daughter, a court heard.

Nicola Wright caused more than £5,000 of damage when she smashed the Audi Rs5’s back windscreen and tail-lights, dented the door and knocked off the wing mirrors, outside King’s Mill Car Centre, in Sutton, on September 20.

She attacked the car in a “slow methodical process”, said prosecutor Neil Hollett, before getting into her car and leaving.

The court heard Wright’s daughter, who accompanied her to the salesroom, had been in a relationship with the car’s owner, and they have a child together.

Wright’s daughter had given him a car to sell, but he refused to hand over the £900 proceeds because of a dispute over child contact.

Donna Pursglove, mitigating, said Wright suffers from psychotic depression, and takes sedatives on a daily basis to keep calm.

“For the most part she is fine but she can struggle when she becomes anxious,” Ms Pursglove added.

“She immediately went to his house to say - “I’m sorry. Please keep the £900.”

“This is a mother who found herself very distressed at the situation her daughter found herself in.”

The court heard efforts had been made to settle the dispute.

Wright, 46, of The Twitchell, admitted criminal damage over £5,000, when she appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Friday.

Magistrates handed her an eight week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, with 15 rehabilitation activity days.

She was ordered to pay costs of £85 and a £115 government surcharge, but no compensation was awarded due to a lack of information.