Sutton gran issues ‘be breast aware’ warning

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A brave Sutton grandmother who is battling breast cancer is urging women to check for any changes in their bodies - and not be afraid to get them checked out.

Angela Scothern said she noticed a large lump near her breast in August but dismissed it. She was visiting her best friend in hospital who was suffering with breast cancer so never thought it could happen to her.

But her persistent daughter kept telling her mum to get it checked out.

Angela (58) of Carsic Estate, said: “When I first found the lump I didn’t really think anything of it. It was the size of half a fist so didn’t think it was cancer because I thought cancer tumours were the size of a pea.

“My daughter Lianne kept telling me to go and get it checked. I didn’t want to waste doctor’s time and money of resources because my son works in healthcare so I know the pressure they are under. I just thought it was something that would go away in its own time because it wasn’t painful. I thought I couldn’t win the lottery so what chance would I have at getting cancer?”

She reluctantly went to the doctors and after a number of tests. She was told he had breast cancer and the tumour was too big to be operated on.

Angela has had two sessions of chemotherapy and will undergo six more until February next year. She then will have a mastectomy.

She added: “As long as I can get back to my kids and grandchildren I don’t care what they do. As long as they are alright I am alright.”

The brave woman documented her journey on her Facebook page - including footage of her family cutting and shaving her hair off.

She said: “My hair was going to come out and didn’t want it to scare my family so thought it they were involved it wouldn’t be a shock. I normally wear make up and lots of jewellery but now I post pictures on Facebook with my bald head. I never thought I would do that. But it’s all about awareness. The more people that are aware, hopefully more people will find cancer early and get it treated. Anything I can do to save any family going through the anguish that mine is at this moment.”

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