Sutton foster mum supports new appeal

OVER the years, Sutton foster mum Lara Chamberlain has given a home to 15 children who have been going through difficult periods in their lives.

Lara has been a foster carer for the past 12 years - and was first inspired to do it by a friend after seeing the positive impact it had on children.

“I find that I get lots of support from my supervising social workers, other workers as well as other foster carers,” she said.

“There are always lots of training courses to attend where I get the chance to meet other carers. The things I most enjoy about fostering are helping and supporting the children through difficult periods in their life.

“I would encourage anybody to become a foster career to help children through these times and show them love and support.”

This month, Lara has been lending her support to national campaign Foster Care Fortnight which runs until Sunday and aims to encourage more people to come forward as foster carers.

According to figures from Nottinghamshire County Council, the authority has around 667 children in its care, which is up from 590 last year.

The council is also struggling to accommodate the growing number of youngsters who need foster homes because some carers are reaching retirement age so the number of approved foster carers available for placements is falling.

Coun Philip Owen said: “Fostering is a way of providing a stable family life and helping children to come to terms with their difficult backgrounds. As well as the day-to-day care of the child, carers attend meetings, promote contact with birth families and work with professionals to help and support the child.

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