Sutton eye test saves sight of former Mansfield nurse

.Diane Wright who has had her sight saved by Specsavers in Sutton
.Diane Wright who has had her sight saved by Specsavers in Sutton

A RETIRED nurse says she owes her sight - and possibly her life - to a Sutton opticians after they spotted a tumour during an eye test.

Diane Wright had been experiencing dizziness and nausea for several months before the shock diagnosis was made.

She had also lost her sense of smell and taste and said that she found it difficult to walk down steps because the tumour in her pituitary gland had also badly affected her peripheral vision - although she did not realise this at the time and just thought her eyesight was getting worse.

“I went from being a very active person, a very confident person, to someone who was genuinely afraid to leave my own home,” said Diane (61), of Abbott Lea, Mansfield.

“The quality of my life had diminshed significantly.”

She sought medical attention but the cause of the symptoms was not established until she went to Specsavers opticians in the Idlewells Shopping Centre on the advice of a friend.

“I had extensive tests which lasted three hours,” said Diane.

“The tests were state of the art and proved that I had a pituitary gland tumour.”

Optometrist Adnan Khan noticed the tumour below Diane’s optic nerves after examining her with a digital retinal camera - a tool used in routine eye examinations.

The tumour was pressing on the optic nerves, causing Diane’s symptoms.

She was quickly referred to hospital for treatment and in October had an operation at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre to remove the benign growth by taking it out through the nose.

Diane says that if it was not for the team at Sutton Specsavers, she would probably have gone blind.

She said: “If I had not gone to Specsavers in the Idlewells in July 2010, the tumour would not have been identified and I would probably be blind now.

“The surgery removed the tumour and I am one lucky bunny in as much as my 60-year-old optic nerve bounced back and I have perfect vision again.”

Diane wrote a letter of thanks to the Specsavers team - especially Mr Khan - expressing her gratitude at the diagnosis.

“It’s given me back my life,” added Diane.

“They not only enhanced the quality of my life but they may well have saved it.”