Sutton: Dancing back to recreate the heyday of disco


A Huthwaite record shop owner and a blues and Motown DJ have clubbed together to bring ‘disco as it used to be’ back to the area.

Since the Sutton Baths complex and Brook Street Hall closed its doors in 2008, it left a hole in the area’s historical music and social scene.

Famed for its reputation for hosting the likes of Ben E. King, Eric Clapton, band CREAM and Status Quo, the swimming pool used to be covered over in the winter with maple flooring so bands could entertain the hundreds.

Chris King, owner of Premiere Records in Huthwaite, and Pete Jan, DJ for Time Tunnel Entertainment, said something needed to be done to remember Sutton’s association with the blues.

In a bid to replicate disco in its heyday, Pete and Chris have started a disco night which plays everything from blues, Motown, 60s and 70s music on nothing but vinyl at the Wyvern Club in Sutton.

Pete said: “We need to bring the music that was once played direct to crowds back to the area.

“Demolishing Sutton baths was a big mistake, I don’t think people realise its significance to the area.”

The council made the decision to demolish the Baths after it was estimated to cost £2 million to restore and had become a haunt for vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Pete added: “People would queue for blocks to see some of the bands that played there and, for the bands, it was equally a privilege.

“Now there is nowhere for people to go to enjoy disco as it should be and we want to try and bring that back with our new vinyl disco nights.”

The Baths Complex closed its doors in 2008 with the arrival of Lammas Leisure Centre. It is believed the site will be used for affordable housing once it is cleared.

Chris said: “Music is what keeps me sane, not only do we do the vinyl night to let the next generation have a taste of what music used to be like but also we raise money for underprivileged children to go on holiday once a year.”

Pete added: “Teaming up with Chris has been great because I only have a limited supply of records but he has a whole store full and kindly lets us use them for the music nights.

“I don’t think vinyl has ever gone out of fashion but like all things vinyls easily get marked or damaged.

“CDs have come in to replace them which are now being replaced by downloadable files.”

Premiere Records on Huthwaite Road is a main supplier of second hand vinyls in the area. Vinyl lovers have to travel as far as Nottingham or Chesterfield to get the same range of choice.

Chris, who has run the shop for 13 years, said Punk, heavy rock and soul have always been a main seller in Ashfield.