Sutton councillor Mick Coppin steps down from Ashfield District Council

AN ASHFIELD district councillor has confirmed that he will step down from his seat with immediate effect.

Coun Mick Coppin, who represents Sutton Central, has cited ‘personal and work’ circumstances as the reasons for relinquishing his role.

In a statement he said: “It is with sincere regret, I have handed in my resignation to Ashfield District Council and with immediate effect have stood down as an elected Labour councillor for Sutton Central Ward.

“The timing of my leaving is strict in order to hold the by-election on the 2nd May.

“This will save the council a considerably large sum of money.

“Please be assured my decision is for no other reason than my own personal circumstances and work commitments, which means that I am unable to continue to commit the necessary time needed to be a district councillor.

“I will continue to support our fantastic Labour controlled district council in every way I can and will very much continue to be active as a local campaigner for a community I care passionately about.

“It has been a great privilege to hold this position and I would like to thank my fellow councillors for all their help and support and I will always be eternally grateful, but most of all I would like to thank the people of Sutton Central ward I had the privilege to serve.

“Finally I can assure you all, I stand for every principles stood for when I returned the huge vote of confidence from our constituents at my election.

“I am deeply sorry I will no longer able to continue in this role but I will as always continue to help and support anyone who contacts me in any way I can.”

A spokesman from the Ashfield Labour Party said: “I would like to thank Mick Coppin on behalf of the Ashfield Labour Party for all his hard work for the people of Sutton Central.

“He will continue to be much valued, appreciated and highly respected by the Labour members and his friends.”