Sutton author Laura overcomes dyslexia to have novels published

Sutton author Laura Birzulis with the first two books of her Watcher trilogy.
Sutton author Laura Birzulis with the first two books of her Watcher trilogy.

A Sutton author has overcome the challenge of dyslexia to have three supernatural fantasy novels published.

Laura Birzuli, 21 is launching Angel of whispers, which is the second part of a trilogy.

Ahead of her first book launch at Sutton Library on Saturday (March 23), Laura told how she made her childhood dream of writing fiction come true.

Laura, a student at All Saints School and the Samworth Academy was identified as being Dyslexic aged 12.

She said: “I’m a complete book nut, I have many favourite authors, especially those who focus on paranormal romance and the supernatural genres.

“I had the characters in my head and I wanted eventually to create my own world.

“I started writing the first story when I was 14 but it wasn’t until I was older I realised it could work as a proper story.

“Then it became a trilogy “The Watchers”.

Angel of Whispers and the first book of the trilogy The Watchers and her novel Fractured Soul are available on

Laura said: “It is about Jade, a young girl with supernatural powers who has worked all her life looking after her mum, who is terminally ill.

“There is a prophesy that she has ‘angelic blood’ and she is pursued by supernatural creatures desperate for her blood a spirit takes her under his wing to keep her on the right path.

How does her dyslexia affect her writing?

Laura explains: “Sometimes if I am tired or on the night shift and writing I will transpose the letters and switch them round.

“It can get frustrating but at the end of the day, I get people to look over it and I try not to miss things.

“I find if you really enjoy something it doesn’t have that much of an impact.”

Laura’s mother Bernadette Birzuli said: “For a young woman of her age suffering from dyslexia it is really good that Laura’s talent is being recognised and hopefully this will give others with learning difficulties encouragement

“She has always loved reading and books since being small and has a vivid imagination.”