Support grows for Saturday market petition

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A petition to help breathe more life into Hucknall’s declining market by making it a Saturday event is gathering momentum.

The on-line appeal, set up by town resident Rhonda Morrison, now has over 300 supporters both locally and from further afield.

“I’m delighted with the comments from people who have supported the petition,” said Rhonda, of Carlingford Road. “But I was hoping to get more.

“I definitely think it is worth pursuing though because if they do change market day in Hucknall to Saturday I think it will take off.

“We have nothing to lose by giving it a go.”

Ashfield District Council’s reaction to the idea was that more thought was needed and it wasn’t as simple as just changing the day as it had legal implications.

But Rhonda said the idea just seemed simply logical to her.

“This is a big town and I’m sure we can attract more people to visit it and shop here,” added Rhonda. “The market in its current form is dying and I don’t want to wait until it is dead.

“The problem is many people don’t realise what they miss until it is gone.”

Members of the I Love Hucknall group have yet to meet to discuss the petition but one of its members, Sandy Singleton, said they would be talking about it at their next meeting on 29th January.

“I have lived here 14 years and the market was a colourful spectacle back then with plenty of stalls,” said Sandy. “I don’t know why it has declined so much maybe it is because people are getting older and the new generation don’t want to stand the market.

“It would be great to see it rejuvenated but I think it would be a hard job.”

Rhonda’s idea of encouraging young entrepreneurs onto the market was welcomed by Sandy.

“I think if there are young people interested there should be someone made available to give them advice on how to set up their business on a market,” added Sandy. “But it’s definitely worth a try.”

Rhonda is keeping her petition live until the end of February when she hopes to meet up with the town’s representatives to see if the idea can become a reality.

To show your support to swap the Friday market to Saturday visit:

Here are some of the comments from supporters of Rhonda’s petition:

Paul Taylor, HUCKNALL,

Anything to try and improve Hucknall Town centre and entice people away from TescoLand gets my vote! Great to see someone trying to do something positive for hucknall rather than just moaning about the demise of the high street!


Times have changed. A lot have families now have two working people and are unable to visit the market during the week. The only people it attracts now are the retired generation and, unfortunatly, they wont be around forever. Bring the market in to the 21st century!

Alistair Reynolds, CHESTERFIELD,

THe town needs to thrive again. The market was the hub of a community, helped people to get started in business and helped the town and people. Changing it to a Saturday will give people more chance to visit the market, instead of just going to Tesco or out of town shopping centres by default.


I am from Hucknall and hate to see the market deteriorate. Move to Saturday!

Barry-Lee Millership NOTTINGHAM,

This will promote trade within the town.

carla kirkpatrick NOTTINGHAM,

Hucknall needs to change and reviving the market would make a huge difference

Christine Fleming DERBY,

I feel that markets are the life blood that gives a town its community spirit and focus. Without it, the whole town will die.

Michael Endy HUCKNALL,

It is a sound proposal that might actually benefit Hucknall.


More people can attend the market on a Saturday

pauline Snow NOTTINGHAM,

I have lived in Hucknall all my life and we always had a market.people are going out of Hucknall to do their shopping now days,

Nicola Foster HUCKNALL,

Brilliant idea Rhonda, we need some life back in this town!

Karen Wharton HUCKNALL,

Why was the market on a Friday anyway when a weekend would make more sense. More people would be around then.

Ian Johnston HUCKNALL,

I currently don’t have a chance to get to the market - who does on a Friday? Saturday makes much more sense