Support for Mansfield soup kitchen ‘phenomenal’

Soup kitchen
Soup kitchen

After only five weeks of feeding the homeless the pop-up soup kitchen on Mansfield Market has gone from strength to strength and is now calling on businesses to donate food which would be thrown away.

The idea was set up by two Forest Town sisters and one of the volunteers who gives her time to help feed and clothe the needy wants more businesses to get involved.

Maria Gibson, 50, from Mansfield Woodhouse is a community activist and said: “The support we have had from everyone has been phenomenal, people have been coming to give there time and people have been making donations of food which is great.

“We have built up the trust of those who are homeless as they know we will be there every Tuesday, but as we are growing so much we need to find more food supplies to keep us going.”

The group of volunteers is now asking catering businesses and shops to donate food which would otherwise be thrown away because of its expiry date to help the cause.

Maria said: “To think that so much perfectly good and edible food is being thrown away because a label says it is out of date when there are so many people in Mansfield who have nothing to eat is just so wrong.

“By donating the business will have less waste food and people won’t be going hungry, it makes perfect sense.”
The group have said they can collect food people wish to donate or it can be dropped off Buttercroft Market on Westgate on Tuesdays

Maria added: “It is the most humbling experience to go out and see the people who have nothing. I have been thanked and I mean properly thanked and it just brings it home how appreciative people and the importance of a genuine thank you.”

As well as feeding the homeless the is a chiropodist who volunteers treating peoples’s trench foot as they constantly have wet feet and nurses who give their time to treat minor aliments.

“So many people are doing so many wonderful things to help others and this is fantastic, I just hope we can keep the momentum going to look after these people in the New Year and beyond.”