Support for male victims of domestic violence

HIGH-RISK male victims of domestic violence are being helped by a service funded by Nottinghamshire County Council.

The authority gives £15,000 a year to Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum for its work with high-risk male victims, which make up around three per cent of all high-risk victims.

This financial support started last November following the closing of a charity which provided support to male victims in the north of the county.

Rachel Adams, the council’s lead officer on domestic violence, said: “Although men only form a small proportion of high-risk victims, it is important that they have their own targeted service in Nottinghamshire addressing their needs which can be different to those of female victims.

“Male victims are likely to be more financially independent so finding a hostel to escape the abuse is less of an issue. However, the Independent Domestic Violence Advocate will assist men in seeking alternative accommodation by working alongside other specialist housing agencies.”

The project not only supports men in heterosexual and same sex relationships but it also supports those who are suffering abuse from their older children.

Victim Support also offers free and confidential help to lower risk domestic violence victims of both sexes through its helpline.

Male victims can call the Victim Supportline on 0300 303 1947 or Men’s Advice Line 0808 801 0327.