'Supermarket should be built at Bolsover Hospital site'

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A health chief has suggested a supermarket should be built on the site of Bolsover Hospital in the future.

In July, NHS bosses recommended controversial plans to close the hospital on Welbeck Road as part of the Better Care Closer to Home proposals.

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Grant Stothard, chairman of Castle Street Medical Centre Patient Participation Group, now believes it is time to think about the future of the site.

He said: "The town of Bolsover has for too long been starved of public amenities.

"What amenities we did have have been taken away with not too much thought on what could be put in place to replace them.

"Given the proposed growth in the population of the town, there is surely a case for another supermarket.

"By placing a supermarket on the hospital site, it would not impact on the flow of traffic through the town.

"All service traffic could access the site via Rotherham Road and Welbeck Road.

"The new supermarket would, however, be very welcome to the public who are starved of such facilities.

"A health and wellbeing centre in Bolsover would also be of great benefit to all members of the public.

"The complex could house classes for diabetics, weight loss and other health-related classes.

"We could have a walk-in clinic to offer advice on many health issues.

"We must not forget our young people.

"They are crying out for any amenity which will keep them off the streets and help them keep away from the temptation of drugs and out of trouble."

Mr Stothard added: "Bolsover needs some good news.

"We are at the bottom of the league for amenities, top of the league for obesity, top of the league for depression and have one of the worst records for cancer-related illness in women."